Mo’ from our Mo Bro!

RICHARD Herring is a brave man. The English comedian thought it would be a wizard wheeze to grow a moustache like Hitler’s, writes Campbell Hutcheson.

Even in the darker recesses of alternative comedy, this was a provocative gesture. As expected, it drew ridicule and outrage. Proof that the humble moustache, under the wrong nose, has the power to disturb.

Movember is a force for good, highlighting men’s health issues. I’ve been looking for positive ’tache role models and styles of mouser to emulate.

I’m a fan of Frank Zappa, but the late musician’s facial fuzz (which has become a logo) includes a postage stamp of hair under his bottom lip.

I think such hairy punctuation marks are outlawed in the rules.

I suspect that Uncle Frank, the perpetual outsider, would’ve appreciated this disqualification.

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