MSP calls for a new road layout

Miles Briggs at Hillend junction.
Miles Briggs at Hillend junction.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Lothian MSP, has launched a campaign for a new road layout at the Hillend three-way junction.

Miles launched the campaign after being contacted by a number of his constituents who have raised serious concerns about the Hillend three-way junction on the A702. The route south out of Edinburgh.

The campaign has received support from community council groups, local councillors and road safety charities said Miles.

He has now written to the new Transport Minister Michael Matheson asking him to conduct a site visit at the junction to discuss all possible options which could effectively create a much dafer junction.

Miles, the Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said: “I have been contacted by a number of constituents who use the A702 road regularly and who have very serious concerns about the safety of the three-way Hillend junction.

“When visiting the junction and after using it, I am of the opinion that the existing road layout is nothing more than an accident waiting to happen.

I am committed to lobbying the Scottish Government for a safer road layout for the thousands of Lothian motorists using the junction every day.”