Mum thanks kind sick kids' nurses

A Dalkeith mum is fundraising for The Royal Hospital for Sick Children to say thank you to its 'amazingly kind' staff for helping her son.

Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 8:19 am
Lisa-Marie Forrest and her son Charlie.

Lisa-marie Forrest’s eight-year-old son Charlie has had bowel problems since birth that have progressively got worse. He has now also been diagnosed with autism, ADHD and anxiety.

The Danderhall Primary School pupil’s digestive problems became so bad last year that he had to spend long periods in the ‘Sick Kids’ Hospital’, where the little fighter has undergone 27 scans, 30 blood tests, biopsies and Botox injections. He also had eight NG tubes put into his stomach, pumping more than 80 litres of strong laxatives.

Full-time mum Lisa-marie (33) said: “Helping Charlie to manage through this horrendous journey and helping him to cope with some extremely difficult times have been the very friendly and amazingly kind staff at the Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children.

Lisa-Marie is organising some fund-raising in aid of the Hospital for Sick Children to say thanks for the care Charlie has been receiving at the hospital due to bowel problems.

“They have gone over and above the normal expected care of a patient. By doing even little things that may not mean much to some people but to my son have made his journey a little easier.

“Small things like always ensuring that Charlie stays on ward one as it’s familiar to him with the same faces. Even letting him wear a sleeve while getting his blood pressure done as he hates it touching his skin. To giving him three medals the day he was wheeled to surgery as he was inconsolable and scared.

“All of these things that may not seem much to others, but are everything and more to Charlie and I.”

Lisa-marie, a freelance writer for Retro Ford magazine, is now looking for raffle donations for her ‘Charlie’s journey’ fundraiser on September 7.

She said: “I feel truly grateful to the staff. They give so much and ask for nothing in return. This is why I am holding a huge fundraiser to raise as much money as I can for the staff and ward one.

“They are always looking for donations to help the ward and help continue the amazing atmosphere and joy they provide kids during such difficult times in their little lives.

“As part of the fundraiser I will be looking for raffle donations. So I’m asking local businesses to donate some items or vouchers to be auctioned at the fundraiser later this year.

“I am really keen to get Ford to perhaps donate a car. I appreciate how big an ask that is and I truly would not put myself in this position if it wasn’t for a cause that is so dear to my heart.”

To donate raffle prizes, email - [email protected]