Murs ‘special’ link-up with Weller

A new album has been released by Olly Murs
A new album has been released by Olly Murs

“I suppose it’s because I’m like an old-fashioned entertainer, but I really don’t know,” ponders Olly Murs, when asked about the key to his successful five-year music career.

“I was very lucky when I came off

With greatest respect to Murs, it did seem a little unlikely that he would go on to be so successful after being runner-up on the series in 2009.

Murs has now released his fourth album,

On the album, which is 
preceded by new single

“We said hello, and he asked if I was doing a record, because he had a couple of songs he wanted me to hear with a view to recording them,” says Murs.

“I said, ‘OK, cool’, of course I did, but thought, ‘As if Paul Weller is going to send me a song...’ But a few days later, a song came over from him and he wanted to know what I thought. I loved the original idea but asked if we could rewrite a little bit and tweak a few lyrics, so I went over to his studio and we worked on it together.

“It was a dream, really. He’s one of the best songwriters in the world, you know? The Modfather, on my record. It was special.”