Music - best of 2012

Django Django - Django Django

London-based quartet Django Django released what was arguably considered one of the best records of 2012 in January and has been critically acclaimed, although it failed to ignite the charts. The band - comprising drummer and frontman David Maclean, singer and guitarist Vincent Neff, bassist Jimmy Dixon and synth player Tommy Grace - produced a self-titled album of stunning diversity, incorporating everything from Beach Boys-esque harmonies to African soundscapes and tribal drums.

Plan B - iLL Manors

Planned to tie in with his directorial debut of the same name starring Riz Ahmed, the London rapper - whose real name is Ben Drew - takes listeners through an aural journey in his third album, with the intertwining stories and characters featured in the movie. Drew unleashes his anger at the Government in the provocative title track, followed by Drug Dealer and Playing With Fire - where he takes a pop at David Cameron - featuring fellow Londoner Labrinth.