Music - the latest single releases

Robbie Williams - Candy

Having tried swing, rock and ballads, the Take That star has gone in yet another direction, this time in full-on pop mode. 
The first single from his forthcoming album, Take The Crown, is irresistibly upbeat with a catchy hook that will get everyone singing: “Hey ho, here she goes... she thinks she’s made of candy.”

Moya - Making Me Fall

She’s already been dubbed “the female Bruno Mars” but the new single from 21-year-old Moya’s really hits the spot. Her euphorically sweet vocals carry this pop-soul tune right through from the opening piano chords.

Maroon 5 - One More Night

Adam Levine and his bandmates return with this reggae-pop track, which seamlessly covers both genres while keeping the signature Maroon 5 sound. You won’t be able to get the “ooh, ooh, oohs” out of your head!