Music: The Next Day, David Bowie

David Bowie’s 25th album is like so much of his greatest work in that it’s impossible to separate it from the story behind its creation. If he’s become a character, as he did with his Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke personas, the 66-year-old is now a wise grandfather reflecting on his past. He does exactly that on Where Are We Now?, referencing his great love, Berlin. Each of The Next Day’s 14 songs feels like a love letter to a different part of his career. Opener The Next Day harks back to Aladdin Sane, Valentine’s Day evokes the spirit of his late guitarist Mick Ronson, while the blue-eyed soul of Boss Of Me could easily sit on 1975’s Young Americans. The Next Day is a rock album – loud, frantic and fun. Earl Slick’s guitar provides the grunt; Bowie’s voice, sounding better than anyone thought possible, provides the grace. It’s been a decade since Bowie released an album, and most thought he’d retired for good. The Next Day is a fantastic album, representing the best comeback of all time.

Rating: 10/10