National police plans unveiled

A NEW national police service for Scotland will deliver greater accountability to its local communities and better serve their needs, Chief Constable Steve House has said.

Every council ward in Scotland will have its own annual local policing plan, devised by local communities and police working together.

The plans were set out in a meeting on Friday, November 16, with local authority chief executives in Edinburgh, and revealed how local communities would be able to influence 353 individual local policing plans covering the whole of the country, which will be in place for the start of the new service next April.

Chief Constable Stephen House said: “Local policing drives what we as police officers do, and is at the very heart of delivering a responsive, demand-led service that truly reflects the needs of the local communities.

“Reform allows us an opportunity to provide a consistency of approach to policing across the whole country.

“Keeping people safe is our priority and with crime at a 37-year low, I want officers to be visible, accessible and working closely with those they serve to help build public confidence.

“We operate differently across our communities to reflect local needs. Policing needs are different in Maryhill and Mull. Policing in Perth is not the same as in Peterhead. By setting out our clear intentions at a local level, we can be held accountable for our results, for what we deliver.”

The Chief Constable set out his plans for a new 14 divisional command structure.

Each command area will be led by a Local Policing Commander, who will have responsibility for delivering the actions set out in each local policing plan.