New homes objections in Newtongrange

Newtongrange Community Councillor Peter Quinn at the site
Newtongrange Community Councillor Peter Quinn at the site

Objectors believe that new homes planned for Newtongrange would not be conducive with the area and would diminish the village’s identity.

More than 60 objections have been made online against plans to build 13 flats and five terraced houses at ‘Bryans Farm Corner’ on the junction of Morris Road and Bryans Road.

Local resident Lorraine Goad attended the latest meeting of Newtongrange Community Council to express her concerns at the plans.

She said: “ I have personal concerns that they are going to build less than a metre from my house. Particularly because I run a child minding service from there.

“While for the community, the biggest concern is the look and feel of the new homes, as well as the safety aspects.

“It’s already quite a busy corner. Add to that the cars of those that would live there, it’s too much. There is also a shortage of parking, which will cause an issue on the road. It’s on a junction and a busy road.

“Having something so big, so dominant on the corner, it doesn’t keep in with the surrounding area.”

Newtongrange Community Council chairman Jason Ferry sympathised with Ms Goad and promised to make his group’s feelings clear to planners, he said: “My concern is the development of modern looking homes here.

“If a precedent like this starts then it’s really going to change the feel of the village. People are looking to preserve that. If we start to see things like this it will start to change people’s perception of what Newtongrange actually is.”

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