New Lasswade school to be expanded already?

Lasswade Centre
Lasswade Centre

Plans for 290 new homes in Rosewell have left a question mark over whether this will mean expansion is needed at Lasswade High School.

The point was raised by Labour councillors at last week’s planning meeting whilst discussing the Rosewell plans, which include developer contributions to education.

Councillor Russell Imrie (Lab) said: ““Are we actually talking in terms of building an extension to the recently built extension at Rosewell Primary School, or an extension to Lasswade?

“This has been in three local plans. Why did we not take these houses into account?

“The public will say ‘why did you not build that capacity in the first place if you knew these houses were coming?’

“I’m not one for stopping development but I don’t feel comfortable.”

The application for the 290 homes on land south of Gorton Loan, Rosewell was continued until next month.

A council spokesman said: “Work to extend Rosewell Primary will be done in three phases. The second phase will refurbish the old building while the third is to put a second block of classes onto the new extension. When these phases will begin will depend on need.

“As for high school provision we will be carrying out a series of catchment reviews to make sure we can accommodate future pupil numbers.”

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