New mower leaves Jim over the moon

Jim Morrish (83) of Mayfield with Colin Rose and Annette Tait.
Jim Morrish (83) of Mayfield with Colin Rose and Annette Tait.

Residents of Dalkeith rallied round in support after a lawnmower was stolen from the garden of a pensioner.

Jim Morrish (83), of Darcy Road, in the Mayfield area, had left his lawnmower to cool down after cutting his grass when it was stolen last month.

The theft was talked about on social media and two members of the local community decided to try and raise money for a replacement and say they were stunned by the response.

Colin Rose said: “Jim lives a few doors up for me and we’re close friends.

“Because of his age I help him out with things that he has a bit of trouble doing nowadays, but he still cuts his own grass.

“After he’d finished and left the lawnmower to cool down the thief who took it had actually pulled it through his hedge.

“Jim was very angry and a bit shaken up after. It made him feel very insecure for a while after it happened.”

Colin says he was underwhelmed by the response from the police so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

“There was a real lack of help from the police, it was very disappointing,” he said.

“Then I saw Annette Tait saying on Facebook that she was putting in £10 so I said I would match it.

“The response after that was amazing.

“Jim’s been a member of this community for over 50 years. He’s really well known and has done a lot of good for the area, so I think that’s why people were so keen to help out. It was overwhelming.”

Annette added: “We were getting loads of messages and offers of donations.

“We eventually raised £340. The new lawnmower was £309 and we bought Dobbies vouchers with the rest.

“Jim was absolutely ecstatic, totally over the moon.

“He was saying ‘you can’t do this’ but I told him it was too late!”

Both Annette and Colin say that people’s generosity towards Jim is a display of the community spirit that exists in the area.

Colin said: “ There is definitely more good than bad here.”

Annette added: “People always try and run Mayfield down but this shows that there are decent people here.”