New Newbattle hub name is not set in stone

An artist's impression of the new �34 million school and community hub, currently known as Newbattle Centre
An artist's impression of the new �34 million school and community hub, currently known as Newbattle Centre

The replacement Newbattle High School and community hub currently under construction could be given a different name if required.

At last week’s Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council meeting Maurice McCann from Midlothian Council gave a presentation on the progress being made on the £34 million building, scheduled to open in March 2018, and revealed detailed plans of the building and a video fly-through of what the new building will look like.

While taking questions from the community council, Mr McCann admitted that the current name of Newbattle Centre could be changed if necessary, after it was pointed out that the name is very similar to Newbattle Community Learning Centre in Newtongrange.

He said: “It potentially could be changed.

“The reason that we have used that at the moment is that Lasswade is the Lassswade Centre.

“So it’s to give it continuity.

“The school will always be Newbattle. It’s just the building that could be named differently.

“The feedback we were getting is that the community didn’t want the high school badge above the entrance.

“Thus keeping a separate identity from the school.

“In terms of naming, it’s really up for grabs.

“If there is feedback from the community about a possible new name then we will listen to that.

“If you have got any ideas then drop us a line.

“If someone comes up with something better than Newbattle Centre then we are always willing to listen to it.”

A Midlothian Council spokesman said: “The Newbattle Centre branding had been used to keep consistency between the names of the various community hubs we currently have.

“At things stand, we have the Penicuik Centre and Lasswade Centre, and, given that the new building is something similar, it seemed sensible to follow the same naming convention for this building.

“At present, nothing has been signed off by the council and no final decision has been taken in terms of the name of the new building, so there is certainly scope for the community to have their say on this issue.”

As well as a high school, local people will benefit from a new library, gym, swimming pool, sports facilities and a range of community facilities on campus.

Work on the centre had been delayed because of European accounting issues. It is being paid for with joint money from the council and through the Scottish Government’s Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme.