New slimming group changes lives in Loanhead and has added a second class to cope with demand

Sarah Guilar before and after her diet.
Sarah Guilar before and after her diet.

A woman has thanked the Loanhead slimming club which helped her lose three stone of weight in a matter of months, describing her classmates as “family”.

Sarah Guilar (38), mum of two and self-employed photographer, was one of the original members of the first Slimming World group in Loanhead, which started at Loanhead Miners’ Complex in January.

She reached her target weight quicker than she had expected, and revealed to the Advertiser how much it has changed her life.

She said: “‘Life is so much easier being lighter. I feel healthier, not as tired – just so much better.

“Covering weddings is so much easier not carrying around that extra three stone.’’

Sarah decided to lose weight to feel better and change her lifestyle.

‘‘I was fed-up being unfit and unhealthy. I started running around Christmas time, then I went to Slimming World,’’ she said.

“It was a New Year’s resolution and maybe a ‘nearly turning 40’ resolution.”

And Sarah revealed that her whole family has benefited from her diet.

She said: “I have done other diets in the past, but not since I had my second child who is seven. Year on year I have been buying bigger clothes.

“This diet fitted well into family life. The meals are really easy. I couldn’t cook, but the recipes are so easy and straight forward.

“We have a home cooked meal now at least six or seven days a week, and the kids absolutely love that it’s freshly cooked and is so much better than processed food.

“It’s also so much cheaper, healthier and tastier too – and it’s just so much better all round.’’

Easy to follow recipes helped her confidence in the kitchen – and attention to fitness played its part too.

Exercising more felt “empowering” –and led her to lacing up her running shoes.

She said: “I did my first half marathon in East Lothian in September. It was really good.

“Because I have reached my target weight I felt I had accomplished that side of it, and with the running I wasn’t bothered about doing events, but I wanted something to mark how far I had come considering I couldn’t run in January.

“It was challenging . I’m not going to lie – the last mile was tough, But that sense of achievement was amazing.

“Up until now it was so easy to not take time for myself and not look after my weight and health, but these were all just excuses. When you take that bit of time, the benefits there for you in life ... I can’t put a price on it.

“The support the group offered has been brilliant. Having someone congratulate you when you are doing well and pick you up when it’s not so good. It’s like a wee family.”

Lynette Cummings (47) started the Loanhead Slimming World class in January and has already added a second to cope with demand.

She said: “It’s all been positive. It’s definitely making a difference. We have people that have lost five or six stone. Their lives are changing.

“I have had brides who lost weight to fit into their wedding dresses and people sent by their doctors who were told they would die if they didn’t lose weight. So seeing them lose weight makes it all worthwhile. It’s little changes that make the difference.’’