Newbattle High School in ‘lockdown’

Newbattle High School
Newbattle High School

Newbattle High was in lockdown earlier today after gun shots were reported in the vicinity of the school, but police have now confirmed that the area is safe and suspect fireworks might be to blame.

Reports circulated quickly on social media sites that pupils and staff were locked in the school under direction from police, while a search of the surrounding area was carried out.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Midlothian carried out a search of wooded area near Newbattle High School at around 2pm on Thursday 30th October following a report of sounds similar to a firearm being discharged.

“While officers were in attendance pupils at the school were asked to return indoors as a precaution.

“No evidence of any firearm activity was uncovered, nor was any weapon seen by anyone at anytime. Pupils were subsequently allowed to exit the building once again.

“It is believed the sound may have been related to fireworks and there is no evidence to suggest any risk to the public at this time.”

Pupils and staff remained indoors for around 50 minutes.

Were you trapped in the school as part of the lockdown? If so let us know your story here.