Newtongrange and Mayfield fear loss of separate identities

Newtongrange in the foreground and Mayfield in the background. Pic submitted by Bob Smith
Newtongrange in the foreground and Mayfield in the background. Pic submitted by Bob Smith

Concerns have been raised again that housing developments earmarked in the Local Development Plan could bring two communities together.

Speaking at their latest meeting last week, members of Newtongrange Community Council discussed the Local Plan for Midlothian, which is currently out for public consultation until June 26.

They are worried that housing developments earmarked for farmland at East Newtongrange, Lingerwood, South Mayfield and Dykeneuk would leave only Crawlees Road separating Mayfield and Newtongrange.

The group’s secretary Ron Campbell said: “This would make us one and the same place. The width of a road would be the only thing that separates us from Mayfield.Elsewhere in this document they make a great deal about avoiding coalescence of communities, but nothing about it between us and Mayfield.

“The thing is we have got five weeks just if we wish to object to it or have any comments to make on it to the council. I don’t think anything on this is a surprise, we have had this passed to us in the past. But we are going to lose our separate identities.”

Mayfield and Easthouses Community Council chairman Robert Hogg said: “We were talking about this years ago. We are totally against coalescence, you want your own community identity, I totally agree with Newtongrange.

“We will have a look at this again and discuss it at our next meeting.”

A council spokesman said: “The development brief for the South Mayfield/East Newtongrange area includes a linear park and landscape buffers around the edge of the sites and the existing industrial area to maintain the separate physical identities of the two communities.”

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