Newtongrange community pub openness

David More from  Dean Tavern Customers outside the pub
David More from Dean Tavern Customers outside the pub

Newtongrange Community Council has set-up a sub group to ease relations between the village’s community pub and its disgruntled customers.

The Dean Tavern Trust has agreed to work with the community council after the group ‘Dean Tavern Customers’ was set-up late last year amid growing concerns from regulars at the Gothenburg pub.

Community council chairman Jason Ferry stressed to fellow members last week that the group would remain impartial, he added: “My proposal was that we could establish a sub-committee to take concerns forward to the Dean Tavern Trust.

“We met with the Trust last week. Anything that we can assist them with regarding communication they said they would be quite happy with that and happy to give us briefings at our meetings.

“They also agreed to have one of the Trust sit on the sub-committee.

“We were able to dispel any agenda to one side or the other.

“When we brought to the table that we can aid communication it was thought that us setting up a sub committee could be better than just meetings between the two groups with different agendas.”

spokesman for the Dean Tavern Trust said: “The Trust is committed to providing enhanced communication links with the wider community and the initial steps in the process is to forge stronger links with Newtongrange Community Council through the formation of a sub partnership working group between both parties.”

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