Newtongrange couple believe cat deaths ‘connected’

A devastated Newtongrange couple are deeply concerned for local cats after their pet was the latest feline to be found dead in the village.

In recent months four cats have died in Newtongrange with at least three of them on Fifth Street, leading the Scottish SPCA to urge local cat owners to “be vigilant”.

Neil Melrose from Newtongrange

Neil Melrose from Newtongrange

Neil and Mary Melrose moved from Fifth Street to nearby Main Street last year, but their four-year-old cat Lucky often went back to their old address. She was found on their old street last week by a former neighbour who thought the cat had been hit by a car.

Neil (38) said: “Lucky was then rushed to the vets, a couple of hours later I heard the Scottish SPCA had got her.

“They said she had four or five seizures, her kidneys failed and her liver failed too. Her body couldn’t take it.

“The autopsy said it was anti-freeze. They are sending her to the lab for more tests.”

Mary (42) added: “It’s a nasty cruel death. I’m devastated.”

Neil believes the recent cat deaths are linked:“I reckon these incidents are connected. I just hope they find the person that did it. And I hope it doesn’t happen to any other cats. There are lots of cats around here. I’m very concerned for them.”

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