Newtongrange/ Dalkeith teen rockers not hanging around

Young indie rock band the Carvelles release their debut single Walk Away on Saturday, less than six months since the band formed.

Brothers - keyboardist Duncan McQueen (17) and singer/guitarist James McQueen (19)- along with drummer Callum Duncan (18), make up the Dalkeith/ Newtongrange three-piece. Their single, produced by Rod Spark, was recorded in May at The Groovetunnel in Loanhead.

Newtongrange/ Dalkeith band the Carvelles

Newtongrange/ Dalkeith band the Carvelles

James said of the release: “We are very excited about it, we have been planning this now for quite a while. We are looking forward to releasing it. It feels weird it’s out this week because we have spent so long planning it.

“The song is all about letting people down, watching them walk away and seeing their reaction. Just sitting watching them.

“It’s about realising that you have done wrong, but at the same time you can’t say anything because you are stuck in your ways.

“We only started in February/ March. But we all knew each other from playing gigs together with other bands. There is a really good scene developing here just now.”

The lead singer revealed where the band’s name came from: “It took us ages to pick a name. It was the hardest part.

“We were listening to (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) John Frusciante and he has got a song called Carvel.

“So we liked the word and changed it around a bit. It sounds like a 60s girl band.”

‘Walk Away’ is available on iTunes from Saturday. You can listen exclusively to the song now above.