Newtongrange loses local community officer

Keith McQuaid
Keith McQuaid

A community which was set to patrol its own streets as it felt forgotten about by police has now lost its local community officer.

As reported on the front page of last week’s

Newtongrange Community Council chairman Jason Ferry, who last week said he was “horrified” about “vigilante groups” taking to the streets, revealed that they have now lost community officer Keith McQuaid.

He said: “We received an email from Keith to say he is leaving his post. His job is now being carried by another two existing community officers, so technically we have not got a community officer as of last Monday (February 9). So the role has not really been replaced.

“Which is really not good enough for Newtongrange.

“We haven’t got enough police officers locally. And if you take the attacks on the buses and the situation with wheelie bins in Mayfield, resources are taken away from here. But we will wait and see how it goes.”

Police Scotland revealed that Keith McQuaid is moving to a new role within the force as part of the new community policing model in Midlothian from March.

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson said: “We are moving to a new community policing model within Midlothian, where community officers will increase from 17 per cent to 54 per cent of the workforce in order to enhance our commitment to community policing.”

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