Newtongrange’s image has ‘bin’ tarnished

Bins on Main Street, Newtongrange
Bins on Main Street, Newtongrange

Newtongrange Community Council is concerned that the amount of bins in the village’s main street gives out the wrong impression to visitors.

The local group believes that since the Nitten Chippy started to place a four wheel bin on the pavement in September other local businesses have followed suit, placing their wheelie bins on Main Street.

Ron Campbell, minutes secretary for Newtongrange Community Council, believes this hampers attempts to attract visitors to the village.

He said: “The chippy has been there for 50 years and their bin was kept either in the shop or round the back.

“But now they have got a four wheel one dumped on the pavement outside the shop.

“I spoke to (local councillor) Bryan Pottinger to see if the council could do something about it.

“As when you walked past the bin it was stinking of fish.

“Bryan came back and said the chip shop owner can’t get it round the back as he has fallen out with his neighbour about it. That’s up to them to resolve, but we don’t want this bin sitting in the middle of the street.

“We are trying to promote Newtongrange as a place to come to. But when people get off the train there is a building that has been derelict for years, and on the main street there is bins everywhere - ‘welcome to Newtongrange’.

“That’s what we want to change. We want to encourage people to visit the village. But it’s like banging our heads off a brick wall.”

Mr Campbell believes that the chip shop leaving its bin on the pavement has led others to do the same.

He said: “What has happened is from one bin, two more appeared next to it. And now there are four. I don’t know who they belong to.

“Folk have maybe said ‘well if he is doing it why don’t we?’

“I have been on to the council to ask if they could do anything. And the environmental people said there is nothing they could do about it as it’s not causing an obstruction and there is no smell now because it’s winter time.

“It’s just annoying now. What we didn’t want and what