No need to make a meal of friendship

The Big Lunch event in Rosewell
The Big Lunch event in Rosewell

“Neighbours, everyone needs good neighbours” may be the theme song for a popular TV soap, but it holds true for some Midlothian villagers.

New YouGov research commissioned by the Big Lunch – the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours – reveals that relationships with those we live beside are friendly but go little further than small talk, collecting post or lending a hand when needed.

However, the Big Lunch, supported by residents in Rosewell, goes some way in making communities feel more connected.

The study showed that 60 per cent of Scots speak to their neighbours at least once a week but just under one third still wished they had a better relationship with their neighbours.

In all, 65 per cent said they could rely on their neighbours for small helpful actions of support but one-third felt disconnected from their neighbours.

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