Off-Road Motorcycle Initiative, Midlothian

Police have been cracking down on off-road motorbikes
Police have been cracking down on off-road motorbikes

Police in Midlothian have been tackling the antisocial and illegal use of off-road motorbikes and quad bikes as part of an initiative throughout June.

The initiative was led by the Midlothian community policing team, with support from Midothian Council.

Police quad bike patrols, police off-road motorcyclists, plain- clothes spotters and overt high visibility uniform patrols were all deployed to target offenders.

Previous incidents were analysed and members of the public and local officers were canvassed, resulting in the identification of hotspot locations and times of likely peak activity.

Police Inspector Michelle Ritchie said: “The emphasis of this successful initiative was focussed on disruption and proactive enforcement.

“As a result, five motorcycles were seized and reports were submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

“An ASBO warning was issued to one rider and fourteen intelligence logs were submitted.

Officers deployed also assisted with the recovery of an additional three previously stolen motorcycles and arrested a known prolific motorcycle thief who was seen to be driving a stolen car.”