On road the to a career

three local lads have been hired as trainee road workers at Fushiebridge depot in Gorebridge.

James McQueen, Jamie Murray and Grant Lesley are all said to be delighted with their new careers.

Indeed Jamie Murray (18) and Grant Lesley (21) are following in their fathers’ footsteps by taking up the apprenticeship scheme offered by Midlothian Council. The scheme is for two years and includes 13 one-week study blocks in road building at Telford College.

Speaking about his first week on the job, Grant said: “This is a great scheme and we are very happy to be chosen.

“I applied for loads of schemes and this is the first one I got accepted on. It’s really important for young people, particularly in a recession.”

The trainees are starting their new jobs as the winter fast approaches, a traditionally busy time for the council’s roads department.