On the hunt for haggis laughs

Macsween's Haggis Watch video, starring actor John Ritchie.
Macsween's Haggis Watch video, starring actor John Ritchie.

Renowned local haggis producer, Macsween, has produced a series of videos for the internet intended to take a lighter look at our national dish ahead of Robert Burns’ birthday next Wednesday.

Macsween’s ‘Haggis Watch’ video first appeared on the company’s You Tube page last week, featuring game keeper Archie on a hunt for “one of nature’s most secretive and private creatures” - the haggis.

‘The Haggis Leg’ is the first in a series of Haggis Watch videos.

The short films, shot in December, were produced by creative content agency Bright Signals, with actor John Ritchie playing game keeper Archie.

There will be more content to come with the adventure continuing in the build up to the Bard’s birthday, so viewers will have to look out for more of ight-hearted videos from the Loanhead-based haggis producer.

James Macsween, managing director at Macsween, said: “Haggis is something that is steeped in tradition and an ingredient with an air of mystery attached to it.

“Burns is a time for celebration and we wanted to have a bit of fun with it and show haggis as the diverse product that it is, whether you like it best with neeps and tatties or topping a pizza or some nachos!

“The film has certainly been a hit with our community. We’re looking forward to the adventure continuing.”

To watch the first short Haggis Watch video, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlUuYGKoDOQ