One business voice for Dalkeith

A local community group in Dalkeith is holding a meeting next week aimed at bringing local businesses together for the benefit of the town.

Friday, 13th May 2016, 12:00 pm
Douglas Strachan (right) is pictured with the steering group at Jarnac Court, Dalkeith.

One Dalkeith is working towards the setting up of a Community Development Trust for Dalkeith. The Steering Group, all volunteers from the local community, are looking at a number of issues and topics that effect community life in the town.

Tom Donaldson, a One Dalkeith Steering Group member with business expertise, explained why the group is getting local business leaders together next Wednesday.

He said: “Local businesses are key to the vitality and prosperity of Dalkeith and One Dalkeith are keen to engage with them.

“Especially at the present with many initiatives being considered and being carried out that will impact on the economic future of Dalkeith.

“In order to create the opportunity to bring businesses together we have organised a business forum meeting which is being hosted by Melville Housing Association at their newly restored Corn Exchange.

“The meeting will feature a number of presentations from key people on important developments such as the impact and continuing development of the Borders Railway, the development of Dalkeith Country Park, the proposed redevelopment of Dalkeith town centre, and the work of Midlothian Business Gateway.”

As well as discussing the future of business in Dalkeith, delegates will also have the chance to delve into 
the town’s business history.

Tom added: “There will be a new exhibition on display about businesses past and present in Dalkeith put together by Dalkeith History Society and Melville Housing Association. And attendees at the event will be given the opportunity to be shown around the refurbished Corn Exchange and given a look into the new museum which is being fitted out at the moment.”

This forum meeting is one of a series of One Dalkeith events aimed at bringing people together in the town.