Outlander gets leaner

2012 Mitsubishi Outlander
2012 Mitsubishi Outlander

Now in its third generation, Mitsubishi’s Outlander has evolved from left-field alternative to a compact SUV to something with the potential to give the current crop of affordable mid-size sports utility vehicles something to worry about.

With its streamlined stance and decidedly upmarket styling, Mitsubishi bosses are bullish about this Outlander’s performance in the marketplace.

In isolation, this Outlander is a welcome step forward from the Japanese car maker. However, internally, this model is more significant than the average buyer will ever appreciate. A cornerstone of the firm’s plans for the coming years, not only has the Outlander been the subject of a significant weight loss programme – 100kg – it’s also been designed from the outset to accommodate both conventional engines and the new wave of plug-in hybrid technologies.

For now, though, the Outlander symbolizes a significant step forward in its own right. The weight reduction has been achieved without any compromise to the ownership experience, while the reward for the engineers’ hard work has been meaningful efficiency and emissions gains.

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