‘Pack’ warning after dog attack near Roslin

The owner of a show-winning Pointer is warning other dog owners after watching her pet suffer a horrific attack.

Gillian Fewster (56), was walking in a field between Polton Village and Roslin with her Pointers Faith and Niamh when the attack took place.

Three Dachshunds, of the miniature wire haired variety, were being walked through a neighbouring field when they spotted Gillian’s dogs.

Slipping through a gate, they ran towards them and pounced.

Niamh rolled into a submissive position and was spared injury but Faith was not so fortunate and received a nasty gash on her leg.

Gillian, a biomedical scientist at The Bush, said: “I have never heard her scream like that. The gash was two inches long and an inch wide – you could easily have put a 50 pence piece inside it.”

Read full story in the August 16 edition of the Mi9dlothian Advertiser.