Paint job bill for Dalkeith Arts Centre turns air blue

Dalkeith Library & Arts Centre that has been painted turquoise
Dalkeith Library & Arts Centre that has been painted turquoise

Questions are being asked of Midlothian Council after it emerged that a contractor was paid almost £2,000 for the controversial paint job at Dalkeith Arts Centre.

As we reported in early February, the works saw turquoise masonry paint applied to sections of external wall.

The colour choice was heavily criticised at the time, but condemnation has turned to outrage at the cost of the job.

Speaking at a meeting of Dalkeith Community Council, councillor Jim Bryant (SNP) said: “I found out today that it cost £2,000 to paint the wall. I have asked someone to find out how the hell it cost as much as that – I don’t know who authorised that.”

Shaking her head, Labour councillor Margo Russell responded by saying: “Somebody needs shot”.

SNP MSP Colin Beattie is demanding answers from the council: “I’m not an expert but it seems like a hell of a lot of money for such a small job – for a couple of thousand quid I would have put on a pair of overalls and done it myself.

“I’m calling on the council to investigate the costing of this because it seems excessive.”

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