Parent slams school’s response to fight

Strathesk Primary School in Penicuik.
Strathesk Primary School in Penicuik.

The parent of a pupil at Strathesk has branded the school “unprofessional” for the way in which staff dealt with his injured son.

The father, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect his son’s identity, took staff to task after his son was involved in a fight outside the school gates last week.

He said: “I asked why an ice pack wasn’t applied to his face, they neglected my son’s needs. I can understand, fights happen.

“All the school had to do was say it was sorry this had happened and ‘we are taking the matter seriously, we will look into it and let you know the outcome’.”

However, the father claims a member of staff was “hostile and aggressive” when he raised concerns. Furthermore, he claims the staff member told the 12-year-old pupil he had “ruined their day”.

He is now calling for an investigation, adding: “It’s shocking the way it’s been dealt with. The way we have been treated is very unprofessional. The school should be named and shamed.”

A spokesman for Midlothian Council said: “Strathesk Primary provides a high standard of care for children and the school has recently gained a national award for promoting health and wellbeing. Midlothian Council follows clear procedures for investigating parental complaints, particularly in relation to allegations of bullying.“