Parents’ pride for Scottish Cup hero captain

Elaine and Peter Gray from Roslin have spoken of their pride at watching their son, Hibs captain David Gray, score the winning goal against Rangers
Elaine and Peter Gray from Roslin have spoken of their pride at watching their son, Hibs captain David Gray, score the winning goal against Rangers

The parents of Hibs captain and Scottish Cup hero David Gray are still getting to grips with their new-found status as local celebrities.

Ever since Elaine and Peter Gray’s boy scored the stoppage-time goal against Rangers that ended his club’s infamous 114-year wait for Scottish Cup glory, this humble Roslin couple have had to get used to widespread adulation.

“I’m the proudest mum in the world, I really am,” said Elaine.

“My dream was just to see him lift a cup – any cup – but for him to do it like that, it was amazing. When I saw that it was him running away celebrating after the goal, I was like ‘that’s my laddie’, and I just started roaring and greeting like a bairn. Me and Peter and the rest of the family just cuddled each other. Once he lifted the cup, he passed it on and came and gave us a cuddle. It was the best moment ever.”

The Grays have been treated like royalty in Roslin and further afield. “Just in the village itself, it’s been amazing,” said Elaine. “9am on Sunday, I got a knock at the door and it was a woman from along the street, who’s a Hibby, and she just wanted to give me a cuddle. Then I took Ella, my granddaughter, to school (Roslin primary), and a lady came up with a bouquet of flowers for me. It was the same school David went to and Ella’s teacher had told the whole school about what David had done and what it meant.

“I went out to the fishmonger in the street and he gave me a cuddle and said ‘Mrs Gray, that was absolutely amazing’. I got a lot of fish, and he said no charge. He just wanted me to take a picture of David away and get it signed.

“I was in the garden centre and somebody who I hardly knew came up to me and said ‘your boy’s a legend’. A Hearts supporter up the road came with a bottle of champagne for us. We took my dad to the Original Hotel on Monday and they gave us a drink. Most of the pub were Hearts supporters but they were just delighted for David.

“David’s sister, Karen, got a text on Wednesday from her friend saying that one of her other friends – who none of us know – had a baby on Sunday and had given it the middle name ‘Gray’ in honour of David. That’s just incredible.

“When we were in Leith Links on Sunday watching the end of the open-top bus parade, it was amazing to think that all of these scenes were because my boy had scored that goal. People were looking at us, going ‘that’s David’s family’. We felt like celebrities.”

Peter, who works for a hydraulic engineering company in Loanhead, added: “It’s still not sunk in yet. I’ve had people at work coming up to me saying ‘your laddie’s a hero’.

“The boy who runs the canteen at my work told me I’ll eat for free for the rest of my life. He said he was going to get a tattoo of David.”

Elaine and Peter took great pride at seeing David progress from Loanhead Boys Club, to Hearts Boys Club and then on to the mighty Manchester United earlier in his career.