Parking is ‘accident waiting to happen’

Ernie Schulte on the corner of Main Street and Roman Camp where cars have been parking on the pavement
Ernie Schulte on the corner of Main Street and Roman Camp where cars have been parking on the pavement

A Pathhead resident fears that the continued indiscriminate parking on the pavement outside his home is “an accident waiting to happen”.

Retired systems programmer Ernie Schulte (63) lives on the corner of Main Street and Roman Camp. For two years he has been in dispute with Amey, the organisation responsible for trunk roads for Transport Scotland.

He said: “Pathhead is notorious for its parking because people have to park on the footpaths as there is no parking spaces. But they don’t have to park on the footpath outside my house.

“The police have agreed but there are so few police cars that pass through Pathhead. As far as I know nobody has had a ticket.

“It’s been on-going for years and years. I ignored it but then in December 2014 I wrote to Midlothian Council’s roads division. They eventually got back to me to say it wasn’t their responsibility as it was on Main Street and came under Amey.

“But I was getting nowhere so I spoke to the police. The chap that came up said that anyone parking there is breaking the law.

“It’s just escalated from there. Eventually Amey agreed it was a problem. That was in May this year. I was told they would find a solution and get back to me but nothing happened. Now I’m told it’s on their agenda. They didn’t give me a specific date.”

Mr Schulte is surprised no action has been taken to appease the problem.

He said: “All it needs is half a dozen concrete blocks to stop you getting in, stopping cars going on to the pavement. Or even a sign maybe? It’s such a simple thing to do.

“I’m worried for everybody’s safety because when cars park there it’s dangerous for people crossing the road.

“It gets my goat. It’s an accident waiting to happen. All the mothers with their prams and the elderly from the sheltered housing here can’t get across without stepping out first to see. It blocks everyone’s view, not just pedestrians but drivers as well.”

An Amey spokesman said: “A strategic safety review of this location in Pathhead village is already taking place. As Pathhead is within a conservation area, careful consideration is being given to the most appropriate safety improvements to be implemented. These recommendations will be presented to the local community and other key stakeholders. I will be happy to update further on these recommendations when they become available, which we anticipate to be early in November.”