Pathhead Brownies’ birthday party

1st Crichton Brownies 2015
1st Crichton Brownies 2015

A Pathhead Brownies pack will celebrate its 90th birthday next week and it is urging former members to join in with the celebrations.

Registered on June 19, 1925, the 1st Crichton Brownies pack is still going strong, and with 29 girls it currently has its largest ever group.

1st Crichton Brownies circa 1925-29

1st Crichton Brownies circa 1925-29

Assistant leader Fiona Davidson said: “We have been doing lots, we plan to have a get together on June 19 to celebrate, inviting all former Brownies of 1st Chrichton.

“Get in touch via our Facebook page or text 077887 97649. Word is spreading, we are up to about 50 former members on the Facebook group.

“We have got girls whose mums were Brownies. I think we are the fourth oldest group in the whole of Midlothian.

“I guess it’s quite a close knit community here so there is links all the way back to the beginning, which is quite unique really.

“I think it’s a huge achievement to reach 90, especially nowadays where any voluntary commitment is a big ask.

“There are a lot of Brownies units who struggle to get any adult help.

“We have a big mix, from quite far out from Pathhead and from different schools.

“So it’s good that these girls get to meet through the Brownies as otherwise they might not know each other.

“We currently have the most girls we have ever had.

“So our Brownies group is still as popular as ever, the only problem we have now is that we can’t get volunteers to help out. Due to that we can’t accommodate demand in our group.”

In its 90 years in existence the group has only had four leaders (Brown Owls), Elizabeth Jones, the current Brown Owl, has been a leader with the pack for 44 years. Anne Pow, the current Tawny Owl, has been a leader with the pack for 40 years.

Fiona, the current Little Owl, has been a leader with the pack for 28 years.

She added: “Our leaders’ team has been together for a long time.

“Miss Alexander, our first Brown Owl, was in charge until the sixties, and our current Brown Owl Elizabeth Jones has been in charge since 1975.

“This year we have been looking at the pack’s history, introducing the girls to where the pack came from and how it started.

“We have got various bits and pieces that we have come across including a photo (above right) taken between 1925 and 1929 showing the pack. The kids were amazed by the style of the uniform and just the fact that there was a photograph that old. My gran is actually in the photo back row second from left.”