Pathhead gets a splash of colour

Mr Brian Christie opens the Pathhead Horticultural Show 2015
Mr Brian Christie opens the Pathhead Horticultural Show 2015

Pathhead Community Hall came alive with a variety of colour, scents and aromas for the village’s annual much-anticipated flower show.

The 63rd Pathhead and District Horticultural Society’s Annual Flower Show showcased the hard work of, not only local residents, but many from further afield.

The society’s President Billy McCormack expressed his gratitude for the support and efforts from members, exhibitors and particularly drew attention to the work the committee do throughout the year, not just on show day.

Judging the range of entries this year were Mr and Mrs Tom Hardwick (vegetables, fruit and flowers) with Amy Stewart and Eleanor Marshall (cookery, handicrafts and children’s).

Show manager Jim Williams said: “Entries were down in several areas this year, particularly in the children’s classes, though cookery was well supported.

“It was after much deliberation that the judges decided that best overall exhibit was a leaded stained glass window piece by Margaret Winthrop.

“It was heartening to see the Corsar Trophy for most points by a two person family being presented for the first time in many years, with locals Janette and Davy Crichton the proud recipients.”

The show was opened by Brian Christie, who remarked upon the variety and quality of the exhibits before presenting the trophies. The winners were: Pathhead Premier Award- Andy Banks; Dr Alexander Laurie Quaich - Jackie Davidson; Callander Cup- Jackie Davidson; Dr Colin Hogg Trophy - Luis Davidson; Rosemains Rose Bowl - Jim Williams; Corsar Trophy- Janette & Davy Crichton; Roderick Murchison Trophy- Davy Crichton; Dr Ireland Trophy- Alex Watson; Cranstoun Trophy- Alex Watson; Society’s Trophy - Gordon Mitchell; Craik Trophy- Jackie Davidson; Society’s Trophy- Jackie Davidson; Logan Vase- Jackie Davidson; Scott Trophy- Erica Blackadder; Society’s Rose Bowl- Michael Black; George Moir Rose bowl- Margaret Winthrop; Society’s Trophy- Claire Poustie; Society’s Trophy- Mary RamsayW; ahlberg Trophy- Margaret Winthrop; Chalmers Trophy- Jackie Davidson; Davidson Trophy- Andy Banks; Chesterhill Cup- Cranston WRI; Callander Silver Teapot- Nan Oliver; Mary Callander Golden Jubilee trophy- Katie McDonald; Dalrymple Special Prize- Macaulay Crichton; Lamb Cup- Katie McDonald; Wallace Shield- Macaulay Crichton ; Royal Bank Cup- Janette Crichton; Katie Trophy- Jim Williams; Pathhead Sports & Social Trophy- Andy Banks; Fuchsia Trophy- W Punton; Jim Park Trophy- Gordon Mitchell; Eric Caulton Cacti Trophy- Andy Banks; Garden News Top Vase- Andy Banks; Scottish Grass Machinery Trophy- Billy McCormack.

Confined Classes

Cut flowers

1 vase annuals Fiona Meikle, Fiona Dalrymple, Davy Crichton

1 vase hardy herbaceous Paddy Scott, Erica Blackadder, Davy Crichton

3 dahlias Davy Crichton

3 African marigolds Davy Crichton

5 French marigolds Sandra McDonald, Davy Crichton

1 vase mixed flowers Fiona Meikle, Davy Crichton

1 vase sweet peas Davy Crichton, Erica Blackadder, Fiona Meikle

1 vase floribunda Fiona Dalrymple

4 rose blooms HT Jackie Davidson, Paddy Scott

1 rose bloom HT Jackie Davidson, Sandra McDonald, Davy Crichton

1 vase flowering shrub Margaret Poustie, Claire Poustie, Erica Blackadder


6 pods peas Fiona Meikle

3 onions from setts Jackie Davidson

2 globe beet Jackie Davidson

2 carrots stump Jackie Davidson

1 cabbage Fiona Meikle

3 stalks rhubarb Davy Crichton, Claire Poustie

4 potatoes white Davy Crichton, Fiona Meikle, McCormack Children

4 potatoes coloured Al Rae, Claire Poustie

1 collection of vegetables Jackie Davidson, Fiona Meikle

Open Classes

Pot Plants

1 foliage plant A Banks, Rita Smith

1 begonia Jackie Davidson

2 fuchsias Jackie Davidson, J R Smith

2 geraniums Jackie Davidson, A Banks, J R Smoith

2 pots cacti A Banks, Rita Smith

1 fuchsia Jackie Davidson, J R Smith

1 geranium Jim Williams

3 fuchsias W Punton, Jackie Davidson

1 patio container/pot Jim Williams, J R Smith


1 vase hardy herbaceous A Banks, Jim Williams

1 vase annuals George Duncan, Claire Poustie

2 vases gladioli A Banks

1 vase gladioli 2 spikes A Banks, J R Smith, Rita Smith

1 vase gladiolus 1 spike A Banks, J R Smith, George Duncan

1 vase spray chrysanthemums, George Mitchell

1 vase chrysanthemums medium Alex Swanston, George Mitchell

2 vases spray chrysanthemums Gordon Mitchell

1 vase cactus dahlias, medium Gordon Mitchell

1 vase cactus dahlias small Gordon Mitchell

1 vase decorative dahlias, medium Gordon Mitchell

1 vase decorative dahlias, small Gordon Mitchell

1 vase pompon dahlias George Duncan

1 large dahlia Gordon Mitchell, Rita Smith

1 vase asters George Duncan

2 vases sweet peas George Duncan

1 vase sweet peas, 12 spikes George Duncan, Rita Smith, Michael Black

4 rose blooms HT Jackie Davidson

1 rose bloom HT Alex Watson, Jackie Davidson, Sandra McDonald

bowl of roses Alex Watson, A Banks

6 pansies Jim Williams

1 pot plant & vase of flowers A Banks, Jackie Davidson, Jim Williams


4 dessert apples Andrew Scott

4 cooking apples Andrew Scott

6 pods peas Michael Black, Rita Smith, Jim Williams

6 pods broad beans Jim Williams

6 pods French beans J R Smith, Jim Williams

6 runner beans J R Smith, George Young

collection of 9 onions Jim Williams

3 kelsae onions Jim Williams

3 onions from plants J R Smith

6 onions from setts George Young, Jackie Davidson

6 shallots, pear shaped Jim Williams, J R Smith, Jackie Davidson

6 shallots, not pear, red or yellow J R Smith, Alex Swanston, Andrew Scott

2 cauliflowers J R Smith

1 cabbage W Punton, J R Smith

5 potatoes white Jim Williams, Claire Poustie

5 potatoes coloured Jim Williams, Jackie Davidson, Claire Poustie

6 tomatoes George Young, George Duncan, Andrew Scott

3 globe beet Jacvkie Davidson, Jim Williams

3 carrots stump Jim Williams, Jackie Davidson, J R Smith

3 carrots long Jim Wiilliams

2 beet long Jim Williams, George Young

2 parsnips Jim Williams, J R Smith

2 leeks long Jim Williams, Andrew Scott, J R Smith

2 celery J R Smith, Jim Williams

2 pot leeks Jim Stevenson

1 pot parsley Jim Williams, Jackie Davidson, J R Smith

3 stalks rhubarb Andrew Scott, Jim Williams, Alex Swanston

any other fruit or veg. Fiona Meikle, George Young, J R Smith

collection of 5 vegetables Jim Willliams, George Young, Alex Swanston

Garden News Top Vase A Banks

Decorative section

Miniature in jam jar lid Erica Blackadder, Claire Poustie, Janette Crichton

5 stems same species Erica Blackadder, Margaret Winthrop, Janette Crichton

arrangement in a candle stick Erica Blackadder, Fiona Meikle, Janette Crichton

summer wreath Claire Poustie, Janette Crichton, Erica Crichton


Wild arrangement using wild grasses, foliage & berries Claire Poustie


3 plain scones Rita Smith, Sandra McDonald, Michael Black

3 Welsh cakes Michael Black, Sandra McDonald, Mary Ramsay

plain gingerbread Sandra McDonald, Ray Christie, Rita Smith

date & walnut loaf Rita Smith, mauchael Black, Janette Crichton

loaf of bread Mary Ramsay, Michael Black, Sandra McDonald

3 pieces tray bake Mary Ramsay, Sandra McDonald, Fiona Meikle

chocolate sponge Mary Ramsay, Rita Smith, Michael Black

3 empire biscuits Mary Ramsay, Sandra McDonald, Michael Black

3 chocolate chip cookies Mary Ramsay, Michael Black, Sandra McDonald

treacle tart Michael Black, Rita Smith

individual quiche Mary Ramsay, Rita Smith, Michael Black

2 bars coconut ice Rita Smith, Michael Black, Mary Ramsay

jar of lemon curd Michael Black, Rita Smith, Mary Ramsay

jar of jam Diona Meikle, Michael Black, Janette Crichton

jar relish Michael Black, Mary Ramsay, Fiona Meikle

6 eggs Michael Black, Margaret Winthrop, Fiona Meikle


mobile phone cover Fiona Meikle, Claire Poustie

dressed baby doll Margaret Winthrop

crochet knee blanket Nan Oliver, Claire Poustie

birthday card Rita Smith, Nan Oliver, Claire Poustie

scented sachet Claire Poustie

picture, any craft Margaret Winthrop, Maxine Thomson, Margaret Allan

patchwork cushion Erica Blackadder

brooch Maxine Thomson, Christine Crichton, 3rd= Nan Oliver, Claire Poustie

photo – farm theme Ethel Burnett, Nan Oliver, Jim Orr

photo – insect on a flower Claire Poustie, George Blackadder, Fiona Meikle

painting, any medium Rita Smith, Jen Montgomery, Claire Poustie

article using plastic canvas Margaret Winthrop, Claire Poustie

article in any craft Margaret Winthrop, Maxine Thomson, Graham Meikle

Royal Bank Trophy – “The Sweet Shop” Janette Crichton, Margaret Winthrop, Mary Ramsay

Chesterhill Cup (WRI) – “Afternoon tea for Two” Cranston WRI, Pathhead WRI

Childrens’ Competitions

Aged 8 years and under

book mark Macaulay Crichton

colour picture provided Macaulay Crichton

decorated digestive biscuit Macaulay Crichton

Aged 9 and over but under 13 years

hand written verse Isla Crichton, Jasmine McLeod, Jenny Montgomery

book mark Jasmine McLeod, Isla Crichton

3 peppermint creams Katie McDonald, Isla Crichton, Jasmine McLeod

3 chocolate crispies Katie McDonald, Isla Crichton, Jasmine McLeod

Both age groups

Dr Colin Hogg Sunflower competition – tallest sunflower Luis Davidson (242cm), Jasmine McLeod, Isla Crichton

heaviest bag of potatoes Robbie McCormack (0.7kg), Jasmine Mcleod, Ryan & Aiden McCormack

Trophy Winners

Pathhead Premier Award pot plant & vase of flowers Andy Banks

Dr Alexander Laurie Quaich 2 geraniums Jackie Davidson

Callander Cup Best garden Jackie Davidson

Dr Colin Hogg Trophy Sunflowers Luis Davidson

Rosemains Rose Bowl Most points open classes Jim Williams

Dr Ireland Trophy Best bowl of roses Alex Watson

Roderick Murchison Trophy Most point confined classes Davy Crichton

Cranstoun Trophy Best Chrysanthemum Alex Swanston

Corsar Trophy Most points, 2 person family Janette & Davy Crichton

Society’s Trophy Best Dahlia (open) Gordon Mitchell

Craik Trophy Best cut flower (confined) Jackie Davidson

Society’s Trophy Best vegetable (confined) Jackie Davidson

Logan Vase 4 rose blooms Jackie Davidson

Scott Trophy Best decorative exhibit Erica Blackadder

Society’s Rose Bowl Most points in cookery Michael Black

George Moir Rose bowl Best handicrafts exhibit Margaret Winthrop

Society’s Trophy Most points in handicrafts Claire Poustie

Society’s Trophy Best cookery exhibit Mary Ramsay

Wahlberg Trophy Best overall exhibit Margaret Winthrop (stained glass)

Chalmers Trophy Single rose Jackie Davidson

Davidson Trophy Best pot plant Andy Banks

Chesterhill Cup SWRI competition Cranston WRI

Callander Silver Teapot

(senior citizen confined) A brooch Nan Oliver

Dalrymple Special Prize Child under 8 Macaulay Crichton

Society Award Best cut flower, open Andy Banks

Society Award Best vegetable, open Jim Williams

Society Award Cookery – tray bake Mary Ramsay

Society Award Handicrafts, any other article Margaret Winthrop

Mary Callander Golden Jubilee Trophy Over 8, chocolate crispies Katie McDonald

Lamb Cup Most points child over 9 Katie McDonald

Wallace Shield Decorated Digestive biscuit Macaulay Crichton

Royal Bank Cup ‘The Ploughman’ Janette Crichton

Katie Trophy 3 x 3 onions Jim Williams

Pathhead Sports & Social Trophy 2 vases gladioli Andy Banks

Fuchsia Trophy 3 Fuchsia in pots W Punton

Jim Park Trophy Spray Chrysanthemums Gordon Mitchell

Eric Caulton Cacti Trophy 2 pots cacti/succulents Andy Banks

Garden News Top Vase Vase of mixed flowering stems Andy Banks

Scottish Grass Machinery Trophy Best Lawn Billy McCormack