Paws for Thought

Paws for Thought - Sunny
Paws for Thought - Sunny

This week’s featured cat is Sunny.

This black-and-white one-year-old girl usually has a temperament to match her name, but she can change mood if she becomes stressed, so a home where she can be the only cat would be best.

Sunny would also need a home without dogs, and preferably with older children (teenagers). She would also like a home with a garden where she can get outdoors when the fancy takes her.

Sunny came to the Lothian Cat Rescue shelter after being bought on Gumtree by her previous owners, and LCR would like to point out that it is not a good idea to buy a cat (or any pet) from such websites, as you can often end up inheriting someone else’s problems.

If you are looking for a cat, why not instead consider rehoming one of the many cats currently being cared for by LCR.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to vote for LCR to win £5,000 in the Feel Good Friends by Animals Friends Facebook online vote.

Visit the Lothian Cat Rescue page on Facebook and follow the instructions.Voting closes on August 31.