Paws for Thought

Champagne and Chico - Paws for Thought
Champagne and Chico - Paws for Thought

This week’s Paws for Thought features not one cat, but two.

Champagne and Chico came from a multi-cat household with a dog, so they get on fine with other animals.

Their past owner is now ill, so these three-to-four-year olds, now speyed – as are all LCR cats – need a new home.

Champagne, the female tabby, is pictured in the bed, while Chico, the male, is at the front of the picture.

Wendy from Lothian Cat Rescue said: “They are both very, very affectionate cats. Chico is just so laid back – he’s a real cool cat, while Champagne is very friendly.”

Champagne and Chico are looking for a home together, and they would be fine with older children, although they would definitely appreciate a home with a garden so they can explore outside.

Could this “purrfect” pair make the ideal feline friends for your family?

Contact Lothian Cat Rescue for further information.

Meanwhile, Lothian Cat Rescue would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for them in the Feel Good Friends Facebook competition.

Although voting was neck-and-neck as the deadline approached, with LCR and The Little Dog Rescue trading a one or two vote lead, LCR won the top prize of £5,000, polling a total of 860 votes , compared to 792 in second place.

The money will be put to good use caring for the many cats and kittens cared for by LCR, such as purchasing heaters.