Paws for Thought

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This week’s Paws for Thought features a cat who was once part of a 22-cat home!

Daphne’s owner took 15 cats to Lothian Cat Rescue after things got out of hand, as the cats were not neutered. And the owner couldn’t manage to look after so many cats under one roof.

Jackie from LCR Rescue explained this is one of the main reasons why they have so many cats handed in for them to rehome.

She said: “All the cats were un-neutered and the owner let it get out of control. This can happen very easily – that’s why it’s very important for cats to be neutered. That’s why we have so many cats to re-home.”

LCR has had Daphne and her siblings all speyed, flead and wormed, and is now looking for placements for them, alone, in pairs or in groups.

They are all female, one to three years old, and well socialised (though some are shyer than others), having lived with children and dogs.

Jackie added: “They are all looking for a home, with a garden would be nice. They are all fine with children too.They have been here for about two weeks, there are five left out of the 15 that came here originally.”

If you think you could offer one of the cats a home, contact LCR on 01875 821025.