Paws for Thought

This week’s featured cat is in fact two cats who only come as a pair.

Smokey black Gizmo (4), and six-year-old black and white Scrappy (pictured), are a quiet, friendly pair who were both being bullied by another cat in their previous home. They are not used to dogs, but would get on with older children, and need access outdoors.

Wendy of Lothian Cat Rescue shelter said of the duo: “They have been here for about a month and are big softies. Scrappy has got cross eyes, but it doesn’t seem to bother him, while Gizmo is a very unusual colour. They just want cuddles and a quieter home. They are adorable little things, just looking for some laps to sit on.”

The home raised more than £800 last weekend with a Bazaar and want to thank everyone who came along.