Paws for thought

Patch and Misty are looking for a new home.
Patch and Misty are looking for a new home.

This week’s featured cats are Patch and Misty.

The lilac tortoiseshell sisters were handed in by their previous owner, who could no longer afford to keep them.

The one-year-old cats are timid in the shelter, as they were kept indoors and are not used to children or dogs.

They respond well to gentle, calm attention, and so an owner with a quiet home and a bit of patience would be able to bring out the best in them. Their handler Nicky believes that access to a garden would help them gain confidence.

She said: “We have noticed a massive increase in people who have lost their jobs or their homes and are no longer able to look after their pet.

“Cats like Patch and Misty are often scared to begin with but with a little bit of encouragement they soon come out of their shell.”