Penicuik couple rave about new family events

Parents and children rave event Big Fish Little Fish
Parents and children rave event Big Fish Little Fish

A husband and wife from Penicuik are preparing for their latest run of rave events which the whole family can take their glow sticks to.

Kirstie Wilson (36) and her husband Liam (42), otherwise known as DJ Leme, are expecting a big crowd at their latest child-friendly Big Fish Little Fish rave, to be held at The MacArts Centre in Galashiels on Sunday, July 24.

Kirstie said: “It’s a converted church. It’s a really nice building. It’s a bit different that’s for sure.

“I would love people from Midlothian to come along via the railway. If someone lived in say Newtongrange or Gorebridge, for them to travel into Edinburgh, it would take the same time to get to Galashiels.

“I’m hoping people look at it as a nice day trip on the railway with a party at the end. Mark Price will be DJing.

“We have also just announced weekly Edinburgh Fringe shows at Studio 24.

“The Galashiels event actually kicks off a six week run for us, ending in Glasgow. The events are in the afternoon, 2-4.30pm. We have a licenced bar so parents can have a drink or two if they want.”

The couple’s two children, Leo (7) and Sadie (4), share their parents’ love for dance music. Kirstie said: “We never play kids’ disco or chart music. It’s really directed towards adults, the clubbing generation that have grown up a bit now. With this they can share their love for that music with their kids.

“We tend to play that music around our children anyway so they love it.

“It’s aimed for zero to eight year olds. But we have had people bring their children up to 16. And on the other side we have had a two week old baby.

“We monitor the music, so it’s never blaring. You do see some kids with earphones on just in case. But we keep it safe anyway.

“And at all the events we have themed crafts.

“Leo loves it, he gives out the glow sticks at the start and sweets at the end. We don’t force our kids to come, they thoroughly enjoy it.”

Kirstie hopes to have a more local event soon.

She said: “The whole thing was started in London by a lady that wanted to take her children to something like this.

“This is for anybody that loves music and wants to share that passion with the next generation, having as much 
fun as their kids are having.

“To get out and see top DJs is quite difficult when you’re a parent. So to be able to see them with your kids, it’s quite special.

“And, I’m keen to make it not just for the centre of towns. We are going to have a couple in out of town places, where they wouldn’t normally have these events.

“We have been asked to do one in Penicuik so there is a very strong possibility of that happening as well.”

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