Penicuik troops return home

A Company soldiers celebrate their return home
A Company soldiers celebrate their return home

Soldiers from 2 SCOTS returned home in time for Christmas following four months of operations in Afghanistan.

The Royal Highland Fusiliers deployed from Glencorse Barracks to Afghanistan in July to enhance Kabul’s Security Forces and assist in providing security to UK and NATO personnel in the city.

Lieutenant Colonel Graeme Wearmouth, Commanding Officer of 2 SCOTS said: “As the soldiers of A and B Company 2 SCOTS return to Glencorse Barracks in Penicuik they can reflect on an excellent tour of duty in Kabul.

“They have upheld the highest standards of Scottish soldiers and enhanced the reputation of The Royal Regiment of Scotland amongst our NATO allies and Afghan partners.

“On every day during the deployment they have protected NATO advisors throughout Kabul. We have been tested, including by hostile action from insurgents.

“The Jocks have come through strongly - with professionalism and good humour in equal measure. It has been hugely rewarding to see so many young soldiers develop, mature and grow as professionals.

“It is very rewarding to see their satisfaction in delivering security in a challenging operating environment.

“As we in the rest of the Battalion continue the mission in Kabul with two new companies, themselves fresh and eager to contribute to the NATO mission in Afghanistan at this important time,

“I would like to wish those returning home a well-deserved happy Christmas with their families and a restful New Year after a job well done. We all look forward to the Battalion’s eventual reunion in Scotland later in 2016.”

The mission - which is split into two tours of four months - is part of the UK’s enduring commitment to Afghanistan and to provide the country with the best training to allow the Government of Afghanistan to police and defend itself.

2 SCOTS Battlegroup includes troops drawn from Balaklava Company (5 SCOTS) and Reserve soldiers from 6 SCOTS. The soldiers will complete their tour in April next year.