Penicuik to welcome game show obstacles event - Rough Runner

Some of British TV's most famous obstacles are coming to Penicuik later this year as part of a new game show inspired event.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 3:07 pm
'Swept Off Your Feet' Rough Runner obstacle.

Rough Runner is a game show-inspired obstacle course event based on TV’s most iconic challenge shows including Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior and Gladiators.

Available to people of all ages and fitness levels, Rough Runner events let participants choose from three courses of different distances; 5km, 10km and 15km.

Penicuik Estate will play host to the Scotland Rough Runner event, which takes place over the weekend of the 17-18 of August.

Among the obstacles Rough Runner brings to their events is their version of Total Wipeout’s famous big red balls with ‘Buoy Zone’.

Featuring four orange inflatable balls, runners must leap from ball to ball to avoid getting soaked by falling into the muddy pool of water below.

And, inspired by the Gladiators event, ‘Hang Tough’ offers an array of overhead gym rings for runners on the 10km and 15km course. Swinging from one ring to the next without losing your grip takes excellent technique.

For ‘The Revolution’, participants must run over an inflatable pipe while attempting to avoid the padded spinning arms trying to send them for an early bath. With arms stretching to the edge of the pipe, not even crawling will save you from being sent into the water in a splash.

On ‘Swept Off Your Feet’, runners must cross seven pedestals as they attempt to avoid a pair of sweeping arms. Excellent speed and balance will help participants negotiate this treacherous obstacle, but always beware the sweeping arms, they are never far behind you.

The Rough Runner ‘Travelator’ is inspired by the famed obstacle on the hit TV show Gladiators, and offers competitors the choice of three different speeds as they attempt to race up the treadmill to the finish line and claim victory over the Rough Runner course.

You can sign up at

Prices start at £51 per person for the Saturday event, while prices for the Sunday event begin at £47,

Kids between the ages of 7-12 can also take part on a specially designed course for just £15. While, discounts are available for those who wish to participate as part of a group or corporate team.