People power in Mayfield

People in Mayfield sickened by an increase in fly-tipping in the local woods have come together to tackle the issue themselves.

Wednesday, 10th May 2017, 7:12 am
8/5/17 Mayfield Nursery, 12 Platoon Army Cadets and members of the community on a trailer that will be used to clear up fly-tipping mess in the Mayfield area.

The idea came after a recent community clean-up organised by local nursery teacher Mamie McKenna uncovered tons of waste in the woods between McKinnon Drive and Oak Place.

Alan Greig, who is leading the new group, said: “We picked up flymos, tyres, all sorts, it was unbelievable. There were 20-25 of us, mostly kids. When we looked into the trees the amount of stuff that’s been dumped there over the years is phenomenal. It’s going to be on-going.

“We will look to get volunteers involved, then get registered as a charity.”

Alan hopes to buy motion sensor cameras to catch fly-tippers, start a campaign and give talks in schools to highlight the problem.

He said: “Everybody is responsible for their own waste. If say you are renovating, then it’s up to you to get rid of the waste and if it costs something then you have to pay it not dump it in the countryside.

“Basically Tool Hire provided the trailer for the recent uplift and owner Colin Cassidy is happy help us at no cost.”

Another idea is to offer pick-ups for a donation for household items in a bid to stop them being dumped .

“At the end of the year we could give any money made to local groups like the Y2K, army cadets or the schools,” added Alan.

“I think people would pay for something like that, knowing it was going back into the community.

“It could save the council money in the long run, not having to clear the woods.

“If this works in Mayfield people elsewhere could do the same thing to stop the problem being passed on.

A council spokesman said: “We are happy to support local communities in their endeavours to improve their local area. In this regard we would welcome any discussions on how best we can support them.”