People power prevails in Penicuik

People power persuaded Midlothian Council to ditch its Penicuik high schools’ merger plan.

Councillors reached the decision following in-depth discussion at a special seminar last week.

Officials have now been tasked to set out alternatives to tackle the problem of falling school rolls at Penicuik and Beeslack High Schools.

A council spokesman said: “Elected members at the seminar carefully considered the views of the local community who expressed strong opposition to the idea of a split-site school.”

The No Beeslack High School Merger (No Penicuik High School Merger) Facebook campaign, supported by almost 600 people. welcomed the decision: “It’s official. We, the public, the pupils and the teachers have won.”

Jo Anderson, leading the campaign, posted: “I am absolutely delighted about this.

“I received a call from Cllr Adam Montgomery whilst on holiday in the Highlands today and was overjoyed to hear that the council had finally accepted our objections about that proposal.”

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