Actor scores with new play

Nathan Dunn (right)in a scene with Cameron Docker
Nathan Dunn (right)in a scene with Cameron Docker

An actor from Bonnyrigg who co-founded his own theatre company is excited about his upcoming romantic comedy set in the beautiful game.

Saltire Sky Theatre Company will perform Tom Wells’ play Jumpers for Goalposts at Paisley Arts Centre on February 28. Former Beelack High and Lasswade Primary pupil Nathan Dunn (22) began the theatre company with two of his friends from drama college - Josh Brock and Johnny Tulluch - and found success with their play 1902.

He said: “I just thought why don’t we as actors start creating our own work. It’s definitely something that’s lacking in Edinburgh. There is no get up and do it yourself attitude. I think everyone expects it handed on a plate to them.

“We have done mostly new plays before. Stuff that we have written. So I wanted to give ourselves a bit of a challenge and take on someone else’s work and do something that has a strong message.

“In such a climate where equality and LGBT rights is a focal point for people and a lot of the media at the moment this is perfect.

“So we thought it was a good time to get this story. It’s a story of hope and acceptance. So it has a good message.”

Jumpers for Goalposts is a romantic comedy about two players in the same football team. Nathan hopes to take the show to Pride festivals as well as the Edinburgh Festival.

He added: “This is basically a showcase for us as a theatre company. This play is quite well known and about 10 years old now. We have updated it and made it Scottish. It was set in Hull originally. We have moved it to Leith.

“It’s nice to sort of get this story out there and get it seen. It’s a hidden gem. It’s set in a lesbian and gay five-a-side league. We are massive football fans and LGBTI rights is not really talked about enough in that world so it’s nice to merge them.”

Director Edward McGurn oversees the cast of five.

Nathan added: “We met him through college. He used to be our lecturer at Telford College, from Performing Arts Studio Scotland. It’s good to work with him outside an educational setting.

“Rehearsals are going well. Everybody seems to be gelling very well. We all know how good it is but now we need to get an audience to see it. That will take it to the next level.”