Always striving to achieve improvements

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The final two weeks of the summer break have been tremendous. If, like me, you will have been absorbed in watching the amazing performances of our elite athletes competing in the Rio Olympics, writes Lynn Black, Beeslack Community High head teacher.

I have watched sports I would not normally watch, I have seen some of the greatest athletes wobble under the pressure and I have seen athletes, including Mo Farah, fall, pick themselves up and go on to succeed!

It’s this resilience that I admire most, the determination shown by so many to overcome fear, failure, trips and falls is incredible and it’s this resilience that we strive to instil in our pupils.

As we reflect on the recent exam results there have been some amazing achievements by our pupils.

However, there will be some pupils where maybe things haven’t quite gone to plan. The message going forward for our young people is that making mistakes is okay, not quite getting the exam results hoped for is not the end of the world.

We learn from these experiences and move on; quite often the best things in life come from times when things haven’t quite gone to plan.

One of our improvement priorities for the year ahead is to further develop leadership opportunities for our pupils, to develop skills that will stand them in good stead when entering the highly competitive environment of further/higher education, training or employment.

I am already immensely proud of the many hours of free time that our pupils give to volunteering in the community and the very positive comments we receive from local employers, the care sector and other organisations that willingly support our community and work experience programme for senior pupils each year.

However, there is always room for improvement and returning to the theme of the Olympics I will be sharing this quote by Dave Brailsford with pupils and staff alike at the start of the session, “We are always striving for improvement, for those one per cent gains, in absolutely everything we do”.