Anti-bullying is focus for high school

Dalkeith High School badge
Dalkeith High School badge

Pupils from Dalkeith High School have taken the lead in a bid to address bullying.

They took part in workshops during the recent Anti-Bullying Week, sampling specially developed resources designed to help young people build positive, respectful relationships.

Led by Scotland’s anti-bullying service, respectme, this year’s anti-bullying campaign – #ChooseRespect –will cover four phases during the school year, Self-Reflection (November), Celebrating Difference (January), Building Empathy (March) and Positive Relationships (May).

Gail Preston, the school’s depute head teacher, said: “One thing I’m really passionate about in school is building positive relationships across the school community. Developing this is my over-arching purpose across everything I do in leading pupil support.

“The right relationships lead to positive mental health, increased engagement and, ultimately, higher attainment.

“Respect is at the heart of positive relationships, but it’s important to really unpick what we mean by that term. Respect isn’t something you earn.

“It should be an unconditional part of what it is to be human.”

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