Appeal for help to ensure family pet can stay mobile.

Can you help get Winston a set of wheels to keep him active for as long as possible?
Can you help get Winston a set of wheels to keep him active for as long as possible?

A local dog walking company have started an online appeal for a much loved family pet who is slowly losing the ability to walk.

Little Pawz in Bonnyrigg have walked and cared for Winston the pug for the last five years since he was a puppy.

But now owners Marie, Peter and Chloe, Winstons family have just received some very sad news.

Winston started to develop a weakness in his back legs just a few months ago. He was referred to a specialist veterinary neurologist in Glasgow who, after investigation, has diagnosed Winston with a subarachnoid diverticulum, which is basically a cyst on his spinal column. The family are distraught at the news as it is growing and causing paralysis of his back end.

Very sadly there is nothing can be done to stop the progression of the condition and Winston will eventually become completely paralysed at some point.

To give Winston some quality of life his owners would love to get him a set of wheels which would enable him to move around and help take the pressure off his spine.

Any pressure causes inflammation which in turn makes the cyst grow faster blocking the spinal column.

Winston can no longer enjoy long walks, or play with other dogs but a set of specialist dog wheels would help to get him out and about.

Owner Marie said: “Winston is very much loved by us all and is a very special boy. We want to try and give him some quality of life and enjoyment back into his wee life before it is too late.”

If you can help, the family have set up an online gofundme campaign, which has already raised £475 towards the £1000 target. You can donate to the appeal here