Appeal for owner of dogs that mauled cat in Gorebridge


A Gorebridge woman has spoken of her horror at finding her cat dead following a dog attack and is appealing for help in finding the owner.

Care assistant Katie Thomson (20) was in her Parkhill house on Sunday at around 3.30pm when she heard a noise outside and discovered that a Rottweillr and a Jack Russell had killed her nine month old cat Salem.

She said: “I thought she was alive but when I got to her she was already dead, her neck was broken. There was no blood, no marks, she was just dead. I’m devastated.

“I’m not bothered about the dogs though, they do things like this. But for their owner to not have them under control, that could have been a child attacked.”

Katie hopes that police find the dogs’ owner, who she described as wearing a farmer’s style hat, light blue jeans, a black bomber jacket, and in his mid to late 40s, early 50s

Katie said: “I have seen the man walking them before but I was so upset on Sunday I never got his name, I just wanted to get out of that situation. The guy was not remorseful at all, he just didn’t seem bothered, there was no shock on his face at all.

“I just really want an apology and I want him to speak to the police as he should be charged for what he did, he didn’t have his dogs on a leash under control.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.”