Appeal raises funds for Loanhead boy’s therapy dog

The family has raised enough to put down a �2000 deposit to begin Sauce's training.
The family has raised enough to put down a �2000 deposit to begin Sauce's training.

A four-year-old Loanhead boy, who could lose his sight at any time, is to get a therapy dog after a successful appeal for funds.

Kearyn Adamson’s parents, Kenneth and Jodi, desperately want their son to meet the pooch before he goes blind.

The specially-trained dog will help Kearyn calm down when he gets anxious and sleep better.

And now the Adamsons have raised enough money to put down a deposit for the £6000 golden Labrador – affectionately known as Sauce.

Kearyn has lucoma, Noonan syndrome and a genetic condition known as Neurofibromatosis – which means tumours can grow at nerve endings anywhere in his body.

He is also battling a tumour on his right eye optic pathway and autism.

After raising £2000 in a matter of weeks, the family have reserved Sauce, who is now undergoing his training in Cheshire.

Jodi said: “We are so pleased to have raised enough money to put the deposit down on a therapy dog. Kearyn has already called him Sauce, he’s so excited.

“He keeps looking at photographs of him, and saying ‘he’s my doggy, Sauce’. Thank you to everyone that has donated so far.”

In order to bring Sauce home this September, the family now need to raise more cash to complete the dog’s training and their travel costs.

They hope to travel south in July to visit Therapy Animals and introduce Kearyn to his new best friend.

Jodi said: “Trying to explain things to Kearyn can be really tough, and if his routine is changed even slightly it can often lead to meltdowns, where he starts headbutting the floor, walls and punching himself.

“He’s a little fighter but we don’t know how much longer he has left with his sight.

“It’s amazing the difference in him when he is near a dog and we have no doubt Sauce will make a huge difference to his life.

“I think Kearyn finds dogs very calming”

Therapy Animals provides specially-trained dogs for children with autism and other neuro developmental conditions. To help Kearyn’s family, visit: