Boogie in a Loanhead-made bar after mix-up

A mix-up over breakfast on ‘Boogie in the Morning’ on Forth 1 has turned into a tasty fundraiser for Cash for Kids, thanks to a stoating good idea from a Loanhead company.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 3:55 pm
Boogie (left) and his team with Stoats managing director Tony Stone (second from left).
Boogie (left) and his team with Stoats managing director Tony Stone (second from left).

When Boogie’s co-presenter Arlene forgot to pick up early-morning snacks for the on-air pair, who start their working day at 6am, their chat about what makes the best breakfast led to a claim by Boogie that he doesn’t like fruit in a bar.

That was a challenge that Tony Stoat, co-founder of Loanhead-based Stoats oats company couldn’t resist.

So he called the show and offered to make one of Stoat’s famous oat bars using a recipe voted for by Boogie in the Morning listeners.

The Forth One breakfast team at Stoats factory in Loanhead.

Now Boogie’s Brunch Bar has gone on sale for a limited time and the presenter has been forced to change his mind about fruit in a bar after devouring a whole box made of the dark chocolate, almond, cranberry and sea salt recipe.

Boogie said: “We have fantastic listeners and they have done us proud once again with the recipe for our brunch bar.

“What better way to start a day could there be than tuning into the show whilst enjoying our brunch bar and raising money for Cash for Kids.”

Tony Stone, managing director of Stoats, said: “We had a lot of fun baking with the Forth 1 Breakfast Team. Boogie’s Brunch Bars are going down an absolute storm.

Arlene hard at work at Stoats factory in Loanhead.

“Handmade in Loanhead with the finest Scottish oats they are the perfect mid-morning snack.

“Eat good and feel good knowing that every bar sale benefits children in our local community.”